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What Bango needs from you

Authorizing access to the Bango Platform

The Bango Platform is restricted to authorized users only. This means you need to supply Bango with some data so you can be authorized to start your integration work.

Bango needs to know:

  • The name of your organization or similar entity
  • A point of contact: the email address and/or phone number of an operations or project manager in your organization
  • An email address or a mobile phone number, which Bango uses to send you credentials for accessing the Bango Platform over a Bango API. Bango sends the details via Bango Secure Share which is a one-time URL that has an expiry time. (How to use these credentials)
  • The list of external (public) IP addresses permitted to make API calls to the Bango Platform. You can supply different lists for development/testing and for production, if you need to. (More about IP whitelists)

Bango Payment API

If you want to use the Bango Payment API, Bango also needs to know:

  • The currency you want to use for testing. (By default, this is GBP.)
  • An initial list of payment providers you'd like to activate for use with your store

Send this data to Bango Support. Bango will contact you with some test credentials, and will authorize test access to the appropriate Bango API. See Bango Payment / Testing or Bango Resale / For resellers / Testing for information about the testing you need to perform before Bango authorizes you for production.

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