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Dealing with common Bango Platform integration and testing problems

If you don't see your problem or question listed, contact Bango Support.

Responses are always 401 UNAUTHORIZED
  • Check you're adding an Authorization header with your requests
  • Check you're properly Base64-encoding your credentials in the Authorization header
  • Check you're using the correct credentials
  • Check the external IP address of the host sending API requests is a whitelisted IP address for the Bango Platform


Requests fail with 'The certificate of [resale.] is not trusted'

Configure all hosts making Bango API requests to accept Digicert as a Trusted Root Certification Authority.

See Bango Platform / Connectivity and security / TLS/SSL with X.509 server certificate.

Identity POST requests return with 202 NOT_AVAILABLE

The Bango Platform returns this response when none of the possible identification methods are suitable or available. It may indicate that the POST request included an invalid value for the identificationMethodKey property. Check this value is correct, or remove the property from the request.

See Bango Payment / Merchant API reference / API reference overview.

Entitlement POST requests fail with NOT_AVAILABLE but I'm authorized for this merchant

It's likely the Bango Platform Operations team has temporarily disabled this merchant after spotting problems. The merchant will be enabled again when the problems are fixed.

See Bango Resale / For resellers / Reseller API reference / Reseller API reference overview.

What's the difference between Bango Payment API notification URLs and callback URLs?

Callback URLs are for users, and notification URLs are for servers.

See Bango Payment / Merchant API reference / Callbacks and notifications.

How do I interpret an API response?

All Bango API response bodies include a responseCode property with a string value. The string indicates the status of the result. Some responseCode strings have the same meaning for all Bango API requests, and some strings have different meanings according to the API request.

To interpret a response body:

  1. In the Merchant API reference section or Reseller API reference section, go to the page for the API request you made
  2. In the sample responses for the API request, find the sample that matches the responseCode string in the response body you received
  3. Press the icon to expand the sample and read the description
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