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  1. Bango Subscriptions API

Bango Subscriptions API

Managing free trials, special offers, and regular payments

The Bango Subscriptions API lets you create and manage user subscriptions to products and services. Subscriptions may be free or paid, limited in duration or ongoing, and may change over time. For example, a subscription might offer a free trial of a service for one month, transitioning to a discounted introductory rate for three months, and then to a full-price service with no end date.

The Bango Platform takes care of all transitions and payments automatically: the Bango Subscriptions API is automatically integrated to the Bango Payment API as the default payment method.

Each consumer of the Bango Subscriptions API has their own product catalog, holding all details of the products and services available for subscription and how they are offered (for example, different tiers of service with different pricing, or different trial periods).

The Bango Subscriptions API lets you create subscriptions, retrieve subscriptions, edit subscriptions, cancel subscriptions, and undo cancellations. You can use this API to build a self-service customer portal, allowing users to browse and select from available products and services, choose a deal they like, and start a subscription immediately.

Bango provides you with regular reports for tracking the progress of your subscriptions.

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