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  2. Getting started
  3. Integration steps

Integration steps

How to integrate the Bango Platform

Integrating the Bango Platform lets you use the Bango APIs to identify users, take payments for direct sales, and to resell or bundle third-party products and services.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Sign up with Bango

    Contact Bango Support and we will be in touch shortly.

  2. Supply Bango with required information

    See What Bango needs from you in this section (see the sidebar). Bango uses this information to set you up on the Bango Platform, and authorizes you for test access to the APIs you're interested in.

  3. Learn about the Bango Platform

    See Bango Platform / Architectural overview for a high-level introduction.

    See Bango Platform / Connectivity and security for information on authentication/authorization, IP whitelisting, and security certificates.

  4. Start using Bango APIs

    See the dedicated section for each API:

    • Bango Payment: how to identify users and take payments from them
    • Bango Resale: how to resell or bundle third-party products and services

    Each API has testing and certification requirements. Bango must certify your test results before you're authorized for production, and you must perform production testing before launch.

    See Troubleshooting and support to fix common problems or ask Bango for advice.

  5. Go live and measure the results

    For Bango Payment, use Bango Dashboard and Bango Reporting to watch your business grow!

    For Bango Resale, use Bango Dashboard and Bango Reseller Reporting or Bango Merchant Reporting to watch your business grow!

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