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  1. Bango Platform
  2. Architectural overview
  3. Bango Platform architecture

Bango Platform architecture

A high-level view

The Bango Platform provides an abstraction layer, exposed publicly as the set of Bango APIs, between merchants (which offer products and services for sale, directly or indirectly), payment providers (which take payment from users), and resellers (which bundle or resell products and services from merchants).

The Bango Payment API lets you, as a merchant, sell directly to users without worrying about the API requirements of any particular payment provider. It makes it easy, for example, to add support for payment providers without rewriting your code, and it means your code is insulated from any changes payment providers make to their systems.

Bango Payment API block diagram

Similarly, the Bango Resale lets you, as a reseller, resell or bundle products and services from different merchants without worrying about the API requirements of any particular merchant. After integrating the Bango Platform and the Bango Resale, you can begin offering services from merchants plugged in to the Bango Platform (subject to agreement).

Bango Resale block diagram

Integrating the Bango Platform insulates you from third-party changes – the Bango Platform tracks those for you – and lets you benefit from Bango reporting and analysis tools.

Bango APIs are RESTful, use UTF-8 JSON to encode parameters and response values, and include features to help you test your integration.

The Bango Platform is protected by authentication/authorization and IP whitelisting, and available over HTTPS only. See Bango Platform / Connectivity and security for the details.

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