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Testing overview

Bango recommends three stages of testing

The Bango Platform and Bango Payment API include features to help you test your store, and Bango must certify your test results before you can go live. This section describes how you meet the Bango testing requirements.

All development and most testing uses test credentials, which Bango supplies to you when you sign up. These credentials let you use the full capabilities of the Bango Payment API, with production URLs, but sandboxed to ensure you and your test users can't accidentally spend real money.

Bango recommends three stages of testing:

  1. API testing: making sure your store sends correctly formatted API requests, and handles responses appropriately
  2. End-to-end testing with Bango TestPay: ensuring your store successfully allows users to purchase items, using a dedicated test-only payment provider that doesn't trigger any real-world transfers of funds
  3. Production testing: real-world testing with production credentials and live payment providers, using real money

For the first two stages, you use the test credentials and work with the Bango Testing Guide. When Bango certifies your store as ready for production, you can proceed to the final testing stage.

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