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IP whitelisting

Limiting which of your hosts may access the Bango Platform

Bango API requests are sent from your network to the Bango Platform. A user's device never makes API requests itself. Bango uses this fact to help secure the Bango Platform from unauthorized use.

When you sign up with Bango you must supply at least one list of IP addresses (see What Bango needs from you). These IP addresses identify where you'll be making API requests from. They must be external (public) IP addresses: the IP addresses exposed to the internet, not IP addresses used on your internal network.

Bango configures the Bango Platform to allow API requests only from the IP addresses you provide.

If you use different hosts for development/testing and for production, you can supply Bango with two lists of IP addresses. Contact Bango Support if you need to change any IP address details later.

If the Bango API responds to your requests with HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED, this may mean your code is trying to access the Bango Platform using an IP address that isn't authorized. Check the external IP address of the host making the request, and if necessary tell Bango Support to modify the allowed IP addresses.

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