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Bango Dashboard

View data showing the performance of your Bango Payment routes

Bango Dashboard provides the ability to view the performance of your Bango Payment routes. Contact Bango Support to get started.

Managing Users

Permissions vary from read only access to admin access. If you have admin access you can manage who has access to your Bango Dashboard packages.


Annotations can be added to your package data. This functionality allows you to comment on data trends. Visibility levels can be set on the annotations.

Tool tips

Hover over the question mark of each metric to see the tooltip available.


Using the Share button you can copy a shareable link which lets other Bango Dashboard users see the same filter criteria as you.


Using the Download button you can export the available data in your filter to apply advanced filters.

UsersUnique users who attempted a payment (whether or not it succeeded) during the displayed time
Attempted paymentsAll successful and unsuccessful payments during the displayed time
Successful paymentsPayments successfully charged or billed during the displayed time
Payments cancelledPayments that were authorized then cancelled by the user or merchant during the displayed time
Payments rejectedPayments rejected by the payment provider during the displayed time. This metric allows you to filter by the rejected type
ErrorsPayments that were unsuccessful due to an error during the displayed time
RefundsPayments that were refunded during the displayed time

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