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Transaction reports

Receiving data about all your attempted payments

Transaction reports let you track every attempted payment you've processed using the Bango Payment API. (This report excludes refunds.)

By default, Bango generates a monthly report including all attempted payments for that month, with their current status. Bango can make reports available to you by email or SFTP upload. Reports use RFC 4180 CSV format.

Here's an example transaction report:

Column nameDescription
MasterTransactionId(number) The globally unique transaction identifier assigned by the Bango Platform
StartDate(ISO 8601 timestamp string) When the payment transaction started (for example, when the payment was authorized)
UserId(number) The customer's globally unique, anonymous Bango ID
MerchantTransactionId(string) Your own unique transaction identifier, if you provided one
Status(string) The current status of the transaction (see below)
AmountDecimal(decimal) The transaction amount in the specified currency, with two decimal digits. For example, for a payment of GBP 1.23 this column contains 1.23
Currency(string) The three-character ISO 4217 currency code (for example, GBP). For the list of supported codes, see ISO 4217 Currency Codes

Transaction status values

The transaction report shows the current status for every transaction. These are the possible status values:

OKThe transaction was successfully processed
REJECTEDThe payment provider declined the payment
ERRORAn error occurred on the payment provider system while processing the transaction
AUTHORIZINGThe first step of the two-step transaction is currently being processed
FUNDS_RESERVEDThe first step of the two-step transaction was processed successfully – funds have been reserved
CANCELLEDThe first step of the two-step transaction was canceled – reserved funds have been freed
USER_SUSPENDEDThe user account was suspended on the payment provider system
USER_NOT_ENABLEDThe user account was not enabled for payments on the payment provider system
USER_SPEND_LIMITThe user account reached its spend limit on the payment provider system
USER_BARREDThe user account was barred on the payment provider system
CONNECT_ERRORThere was a connection error to the payment provider system
DECLINEDThe payment provider declined the transaction request
USER_INVALIDThe payment provider didn't recognize the user
USER_NOT_FOUNDThe user account didn't exist on the payment provider system
DATA_INVALIDThe request included invalid data (for example, a negative price)
USER_INSUFFICIENT_CREDITThe user did not have enough credit
INTERNAL_ERRORAn error occurred on the Bango Platform while processing the transaction
INVALID_PINThe supplied PIN was incorrect (some payment providers require the user to input a PIN for the transaction to complete)
RESERVATION_EXPIREDThe first step of the two-step transaction expired – reserved funds have been freed
PRICE_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe amount sent by the merchant was not a permitted value
BANGO_USER_BARREDThe user account was barred on the Bango Platform
NOT_SUPPORTEDThe attempted operation was not supported by the payment provider
DATA_MISSINGThe request was missing data (for example, missing parameters)
USER_EXCEEDED_LIMITThe user account reached its spend limit on the Bango Platform
OPERATOR_SPEED_LIMITThe payment provider declined the transaction because the user account was attempting transactions too frequently

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