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Using the Testing Guide

Certifying your store for production

The Bango Testing Guide is a set of documents on the Bango wiki: see Bango Payment API v5 Testing Guide. The Testing Guide contains test cases your store testing should cover, including details of requests you should make, responses you should receive, and actions your store should take. You'll also find some dedicated MSISDNs to use with Bango TestPay, and other required data for your tests. For all these tests, you use test credentials.

Some of the tests require you to include the special Prefer and preference-extension HTTP headers to force certain API responses: see The Prefer HTTP header to learn how these work.

All tests use the Bango TestPay payment provider, which is specially configured for testing: see Bango TestPay for more information.

How does Bango certify my store for production?

The Bango Testing Guide includes a spreadsheet you should fill in with your test results. After completing the tests, you submit the spreadsheet to Bango for certification. If everything looks OK, Bango supplies you with production credentials and authorizes you for access to the Bango Payment API. This lets you access all your configured payment providers – and spend real money – as you perform final production testing.

Bango can't supply you with any devices for testing, or provide you with any test MSISDNs except those in the Testing Guide.

Do I need to test everything in the Testing Guide?

You should test everything you need to support.

For example, if you know all your supported devices are tablets unable to send SMS messages, then your store should pass "deviceCapabilitySendSms": "false" when trying to identify a user. This configuration means Bango Payment API responses never include the response code CLIENT_ACTION_REQUIRED and action SEND_SMS, so you don't need to test that scenario (see Bango Payment / Identifying users / Identity selection and methods).

Remember that the Bango Platform may gain new types of responses over time. This means you should pay close attention to the handling of unrecognized responses. For example, the API for identifying users might start returning CLIENT_ACTION_REQUIRED with a new action. Make sure your store properly handles these cases.

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