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Bango TestPay

Simulating purchases and failures using the Bango test payment provider

Bango TestPay is a special payment provider you use for testing. It behaves like a real payment provider, but doesn't trigger any transfers of funds. This means you and your test users will never spend real money when developing and testing your store. Bango TestPay also simulates all failure scenarios.

When you use test credentials to access the Bango Payment API, Bango TestPay is always the only activated payment provider. (With production credentials, Bango TestPay is not available.)

Bango TestPay helps you make sure your store properly handles certain scenarios: for example, when payment is successfully authorized and captured, when a payment authorization is declined, or when a user is barred (the Testing Guide lists the scenarios). To trigger one of these scenarios:

  1. You make the standard API requests to identify a user – using special parameters listed in the Testing Guide, which identify the scenario you want to test. The Bango Platform supplies you with the resulting Bango ID in the usual way.
  2. You use the Bango ID when making the API request for the scenario you're testing.

For example, to simulate a barred user (for merchants who identify users using the Bango Identity Flow):

  1. Make the initial API request to identify a user, passing the body parameter identificationMethodKey with value GBR_BANGO
  2. In the Bango Identity Flow, use the phone number 447710900122
  3. After the flow is complete, make another API request to identify a user, supplying the session ID in the response of the first request, and make a note of the Bango ID in the second response
  4. Use this Bango ID when making the API request to authorize a payment

All transactions using Bango TestPay – successes and failures – are logged just like genuine payment providers in production. You can view these logs in the Bango Dashboard and Bango Care sites.

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