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Production testing

Going live, and testing with real payment providers

After you complete API testing and end-to-end testing with Bango TestPay, Bango certifies your store to go live, provides you with production credentials, and authorizes you for production use of the Bango Payment API. With production credentials, your store uses the payment providers activated and users can spend real money.

However, your store testing isn't finished: you need to verify your store acts as intended with each activated payment provider.

Bango will help you work with each payment provider's requirements:

  • Some payment providers may require you to use their test system
  • Some payment providers may have an easy way to identify test transactions in their live system
  • Some payment providers allow live transaction payments for test conditions, whitelisting or segregating test MSISDNs
  • Some payment providers provide test SIMs for a period of time
  • Some payment providers have special test users

Each time you activate a new payment provider, you need to perform production testing with that provider.

All transactions during production testing are logged. You can view these logs in the Bango Dashboard and Bango Care sites.

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