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TLS/SSL with X.509 server certificate

Connections are private and authenticated

The Bango Platform accepts API requests only over TLS/SSL, on the standard HTTPS port 443. Only TLS 1.2+ and modern, current cipher suites are supported. The Bango Platform does not accept requests over HTTP.

The Bango Platform proves its identity using an X.509 server certificate (sometimes called an SSL certificate). The Bango Platform's certificate was issued by Thawte and is updated yearly. Bango certificates currently use a minimum key size of 2048 bits and the SHA-256 algorithm.

You must ensure that all hosts making API requests to the Bango Platform are configured to accept Thawte as a Trusted Root Certification Authority (CA). If your code's API requests fail with an error similar to "The certificate of is not trusted", this means the host making the request is not properly configured: add Thawte as a Trusted Root CA, and then try again.

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