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Bango Developer
  1. Bango Platform
  2. Architectural overview
  3. Terminology


Bango terms you should know

Bango uses some specific terminology for high-level parts of the overall architecture:

User, end userA person buying directly from a merchant, or being resold products and services provided by a third-party merchant.
MerchantA person or organization selling directly to users, or making products and services available for resale through the Bango Platform.
ResellerAn organization with an existing billing relationship with a user, which wishes to bundle or offer products and services from merchants.
Payment providerAn organization providing payment services integrated into the Bango Platform. Some payment providers may be Mobile Network Operators.
StoreA service – for example, a website or app – making items available for purchase by users.
Bango PaymentAn API provided by Bango to let you identify and take payment from users, insulating them from the differences between payment providers.
Bango ResaleAn API provided by Bango to let you manage entitlements (access rights) to products and services provided by merchants.
Bango PlatformThe collection of APIs and services provided by Bango.

There's also an industry term you should be familiar with:

MSISDNA number that uniquely identifies a subscriber to a Mobile Network Operator: the phone number, including international and area codes. See MSISDN on Wikipedia.
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