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Billing periods

How often users are charged

In the product catalog, each product has a number of plans, each with at least one phase. A phase defines a period of time, a price, and a billing period.

The billing period controls when the Bango Subscriptions API takes payments from the user while that phase is active. The periods start from the start date of that phase.

The table shows the available billing periods. The final column shows the next payment date for each billing period, given a phase start date of September 1, 2020.

Billing periodDescriptionAfter 2020-09-01
MONTHLYEvery month on the same day2020-10-01
DAILYEvery day2020-09-02
WEEKLYEvery 7 days2020-09-08
BIWEEKLYEvery 2 weeks2020-09-15
THIRTY_DAYSEvery 30 days2020-10-01
SIXTY_DAYSEvery 60 days2020-10-31
NINETY_DAYSEvery 90 days2020-11-30
BIMESTRIALEvery 2 months on the same day2020-11-01
QUARTERLYEvery 3 months on the same day2020-12-01
TRIANNUALEvery 4 months on the same day2021-01-01
BIANNUALEvery 6 months on the same day2021-03-01
ANNUALEvery year on the same day of the same month2021-09-01
BIENNIALEvery 2 years on the same day of the same month2022-09-01
NO_BILLING_PERIODNo payments are taken

Payments are taken no earlier than 00:00 UTC on the payment date. The precise time is derived from the time the subscription was created.

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