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Entitlement reports

(EOL 31st December 2019) - Receiving reports about your entitlements

Entitlement reports let you track the entitlement records you create using the Bango Resale API.

By default, Bango generates a monthly report including all entitlements created, activated, or ended (canceled/revoked) that month. Bango can make reports available to you by email or SFTP upload. Contact Bango Support to select a delivery method.

Here's an example entitlement report:

"da0836e0-9ac2-4bb1-819f-87b39e59c990",123456789,"+4407123456789","30_DAYS_MUSIC","30 days of Bango music","BANGO_ENTERTAINMENT","MY_RESELLER_KEY","ACTIVE","","BUNDLE","2017-01-01T01:02:03Z","2017-01-01T01:02:03Z",NULL,NULL,"2017-01-01T01:02:03Z",NULL
"387bf1af-7b26-4535-82dd-cb9b9731ae1d",123456789,"+4407123456789","30_DAYS_MUSIC","30 days of Bango music","BANGO_ENTERTAINMENT","MY_RESELLER_KEY","ACTIVE","","BUNDLE","2017-01-16T10:30:05Z","2017-01-16T10:30:05Z",NULL,NULL,"2017-01-16T10:30:05Z",NULL
"6a841d19-f5eb-4354-bfe1-c7a135b60ab8",123456789,"+4407123456789","30_DAYS_MUSIC","30 days of Bango music","BANGO_ENTERTAINMENT","MY_RESELLER_KEY","CANCELLED","","","2016-12-15T10:30:05Z","2016-12-15T10:30:05Z",NULL,"2017-01-16T10:30:05Z","2017-01-16T10:30:05Z",NULL
"a25100b8-4e0c-4e37-b921-cac9cb1e930f",123456789,"+4407123456789","30_DAYS_MUSIC","30 days of Bango music","BANGO_ENTERTAINMENT","MY_RESELLER_KEY","PENDING","","","2017-01-16T10:30:05Z",NULL,NULL,NULL,"2017-01-16T10:30:05Z",NULL
Column nameDescription
BangoEntitlementId(UUID string) Unique identifier for an entitlement
BangoUserId(number) Unique identifier for the user, defined by Bango
ResellerCustomerId(string) Unique identifier for the user, used by the reseller
ProductKey(string) Identifier for the merchant service, for example 30_DAYS_MUSIC
DisplayName(string) User-visible string describing the entitlement, for example 30 days Bango music
MerchantKey(string) Identifier for the merchant, for example BANGO_ENTERTAINMENT
ResellerKey(string) Identifier for the reseller, for example, MY_RESELLER_KEY
Status(string) Entitlement status, one of ACTIVE, SUSPENDED, CANCELLED, REVOKED, PENDING, or FAILED
ActivationCode(string) Merchant-specific code or token used for the entitlement activation
OfferKey(string) Entitlement offer, for example BUNDLE. The empty string if no offer applies.
DateCreated(ISO 8601 timestamp string) When the entitlement record was created
DateActivated(ISO 8601 timestamp string or null) When the entitlement was activated, or null if it has never been activated
DateExpiry(ISO 8601 timestamp string or null) When the entitlement expires, or null if it has no expiry time
DateEnded(ISO 8601 timestamp string or null) When the entitlement was canceled or revoked, or null if it has never been canceled or revoked
DateLastUpdated(ISO 8601 timestamp string) When the entitlement record was last updated
DateSuspended(ISO 8601 timestamp string or null) When the entitlement record was suspended, or null if never suspended or if resumed after suspension
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