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Bundling OTT services with Bango Resale

Follow these steps to sell products and services via third-party resellers to their customers

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Sign up with Bango

    If you haven't already signed up to use the Bango Platform, see Bango Platform to learn more. You must sign up before you can use the Bango Resale Merchant Interface API.

    Bango will provide you with the credentials you need to get started: for development and test access to the Bango Platform over the Bango Merchant Interface API.

  2. Learn about the Bango Merchant Interface API

    See Bango Resale / For merchants / Architectural overview for a high-level introduction.

  3. Use the Bango Merchant Interface API

    Use the other sections of the Bango Resale Merchant documentation to help you add Bango Merchant Interface API calls and business logic to your code:

  4. Test and certify your integration

    See Bango Resale / For merchants / Testing. Bango must certify your test results before you're authorized to use the Bango Merchant Interface API in production.

  5. Activate resellers for resale

    When authorized for production, contact Bango Support to activate resellers. You might need a contract with a reseller, and Bango might need proof the contract exists, before the reseller is activated.

  6. Perform production testing

    When each reseller is activated, perform production testing before launch to ensure your code works correctly.

  7. Go live and measure the results

    Find out how to receive regular entitlement reports from Bango or utilise our dashboard to monitor the performance of your connections.

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