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Bango Care

Search functionality to find entitlement records held by Bango Resale for your customers

Search Criteria

You can search by the Merchant Entitlement Id to find the entitlements you are looking for.

Search Results

The results returned from your search will contain the below information.

Column NameDescription
Bango Entitlement IdEntitlement identifier created on the Bango system. Each entitlement has a unique identifier.
Merchant Entitlement IdMerchant Entitlement identifier you provided when the record was created on the Bango system. If you did not provide one the Bango system sets the Bango Entitlement Id as this value.
ResellerReseller the entitlement is against.
Product KeyThe identifier for your service.
Product NameHuman readable description of the product key.
Entitlement StatusEntitlement status, one of ACTIVE, SUSPENDED, CANCELLED, REVOKED, PENDING, or FAILED
Entitlement Creation DateDate/Time (UTC) the entitlement was created on the Bango system.
Entitlement Activation DateDate/Time (UTC) the entitlement was activated on the Bango system (status Active). If the entitlement is still in a pending state, this field will be null.
Entitlement End DateDate/Time (UTC) the entitlement was Ended on the Bango system (status Cancelled / Revoked). If the entitlement is still in an Active state, this field will be null.
Entitlement Suspended DateDate/Time (UTC) the entitlement was suspended on the Bango system (status Suspended).
Entitlement Resumed DateDate/Time (UTC) the entitlement was resumed on the Bango system.
Entitlement Expiry DateIf an Expiry Date is set on entitlement creation, it will be shown here. If no expiry date is set, the field will be null.

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