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Notifications from Bango

Updates sent by the Bango Platform

The Bango Resale API is a RESTful API: you make requests, and the Bango Platform returns responses. However, in some cases the Bango Platform can send you updates without an explicit request from your code. There are three main use cases:

  • Users may be asked to complete a required merchant process before service activation or update. For example, a merchant may require a user to register for a service before activating the entitlement (and users may decline to complete the process).
  • Merchants can cancel or revoke entitlements at any time. For example, a merchant might cancel an entitlement if the user does not renew their subscription or cancels the service with the merchant directly, and it might revoke an entitlement if it detects fraudulent activity on the user's account.

To receive a notification from the Bango Platform whenever a merchant or the Bango Platform changes an entitlement's status for any reason, set the notificationUrl parameter when you create the entitlement (or later, by updating the entitlement).

Bango recommends you always set the notificationUrl. Invalid URLs trigger an HTTP 400 BAD_REQUEST response.

The Bango Platform does not add or remove any query parameters from the URL you supply.

Entitlement EventNotification Reason
The customers entitlement has been activated. The status will be ACTIVEACTIVATION_SUCCESS
The customers entitlement has ended. The status will be CANCELLED or REVOKEDTERMINATION_SUCCESS
The product that the customer has access to has changed. The productKey parameter reflects the new productKey on the customers entitlementPRODUCT_UPDATE
The customers entitlement has been suspended. The status will be SUSPENDEDSUSPENSION_SUCCESS
The customers entitlement has been resumed. The status will be ACTIVERESUMPTION_SUCCESS


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