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  2. Architectural overview
  3. Bango Platform features

Bango Platform features

Things Bango handles for you

Your store makes high-level requests using the Bango Payment API to identify and charge users. The Bango Platform translates these requests to work best with the underlying payment provider systems, and the Bango Payment API returns standardized responses for you to process.

The Bango Platform handles many common situations automatically:

  • Changes to protocols, URLs, identification MSISDNs, and so on, made by payment providers
  • Alternate flows for pre-pay and post-pay users
  • Special payment-related messages required by payment providers for regulatory or other needs
  • Consent screens hosted by payment providers
  • Failover to a second or third identity model if a primary one can't be used
  • Best-of-breed techniques for SIM change, number porting, and similar events

The Bango Platform also includes these features:

  • For payment providers that require consent once per user, Bango can eliminate this friction for a user's first transaction with your store if the user has already consented with another merchant
  • If you already have trusted credentials for a user with a payment provider and pass these in an API request, the Bango Platform can use the credentials without further validation
  • As the Bango Platform extends to new billing models, you can activate these without rewriting your code
  • You can request payment flows targeted to specific users to allow for testing
  • The Bango Platform Operations team is available 24/7 for diagnostic or operational support
  • The Bango Platform logs all transactions for reconciliation or analysis
  • The Bango Care and Bango Dashboard sites let you inspect transactions and monitor sales in detail, and Bango Boost can benchmark your transactions against your peers or industry-leading performers
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