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Receiving regular Bango Subscriptions API reports

Bango creates daily, weekly, and monthly reports and stores them in your own dedicated Amazon S3 bucket. You can use these reports for reconciliation purposes.

For resellers, reports are grouped by merchant. For merchants, reports are grouped by reseller.

Reports are published within 24 hours of the end of the reporting period.

Access control

When you sign up to use the Bango Subscriptions API, Bango Support will supply you with:

  • Amazon S3 endpoint: all your reports will be stored here
  • Access key: your unique username for accessing the S3 endpoint
  • Secret key: your unique password for accessing the S3 endpoint

Report types

Active subscriptionsDaily, weekly, monthlyAll active subscriptions at reporting time
New subscriptionsDaily, weekly, monthlySubscriptions created during the reporting period
Canceled subscriptionsDaily, weekly, monthlySubscriptions canceled during the reporting period
Renewed subscriptionsDaily, weekly, monthlySubscriptions renewed during the reporting period

All reports use UTC timestamps. Weeks start on Monday.

The "Canceled subscriptions" report contains cancellations that have taken effect, not scheduled future cancellations.


The reports are stored at:



  • customer is your unique Amazon S3 bucket
  • accountKey: for resellers, this is a merchant account key, as used when creating a subscription. For merchants, this is a partner account key
  • frequency is either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • yyyy is the four-digit year of the start of the reporting period
  • mm is the two-digit month (1-based) of the start of the reporting period
  • dd is the two-digit day (1-based) of the start of the reporting period


Filenames have the format:



  • type is one of:
    • ASfor active subscriptions
    • NSfor new subscriptions
    • CSfor canceled subscriptions
    • RSfor renewed subscriptions
  • frequency is one of:
    • M for monthly
    • W for weekly
    • D for daily
  • date is one of:
    • For monthly reports: the reporting period expressed asYYYYMM, for example 202008 for August 2020
    • For weekly or daily reports: the start of the reporting period expressed as YYYYMMDD, for example 20200817 for August 17, 2020

For example:

  • The filename NS_V1_W_20200810.csv is the "new subscriptions" report for the week commencing August 10, 2020
  • The filename AS_V1_M_202009.csv is the "active subscriptions" report for September 2020

File format

All report files are Windows-1252 encoded and contain RFC 4180-compliant comma-separated values (CSV).

SubscriptionIdStringThe globally unique subscription ID
SubscriptionExternalKeyStringAny customer-specific subscription id supplied
BangoUserIdLong/StringThe unique Bango ID for the user
MerchantAccountKeyStringThe merchant's unique identifier in the Bango Platform
ProductNameStringThe product associated with the subscription
PlanNameStringThe plan associated with the subscription
PhaseTypeTRIAL, DISCOUNT, FIXEDTERM, or EVERGREENThe current phase type of the subscription
StatePENDING, ACTIVE, or CANCELLEDThe current state of the subscription
EntitlementStartDateYYYY-MM-DD stringUTC date on which the subscription starts or started
CancelledDateYYYY-MM-DD string or emptyUTC date on which the subscription was or will be canceled
ChargedThroughDateYYYY-MM-DD stringUTC date up to which the subscription has been invoiced
BillingStartDateYYYY-MM-DD stringUTC date on which billing starts or started
BillingEndDateYYYY-MM-DD stringUTC date on which billing ends or ended
BillCycleDayLocalIntegerThe default day of the month on which to bill users, for subscriptions where the a billing period is a multiple of one month
LastPaymentAmountFloatThe amount of the most recent successful payment
LastPaymentCurrencyISO 4217 three-letter currency codeThe currency of the most recent successful payment
LastPaymentDateYYYY-MM-DD stringUTC date of the most recent successful payment
NextPaymentAmountFloatThe amount of the next payment
NextPaymentCurrencyISO 4217 three-letter currency codeThe currency of the next payment
NextPaymentDateYYYY-MM-DD stringUTC date of the next payment
ExtensionDataFormatStringFormat of the ExtensionData column
ExtensionDataXML serialised to stringAny custom data associated with the subscription
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