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Hello developers

Integration with the Bango Platform drives your payment success, whether you sell directly, publish apps through major stores, or work with resale partners.

This site explains how to connect once with the Bango Platform, how to identify and authenticate customers, process payments, activate or cancel resale entitlements, and use the power of the Bango Platform to optimize your business.

Get started with the Bango Platform

Connect once with the Bango Platform to access all Bango APIs and services.

  • Secure, RESTful APIs insulated from changes by third-party payment providers and merchants
  • Sandboxed end-to-end testing and certification
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting
Bango Platform
Get started with the Bango Platform

Selling products directly? (Click-to-buy)

The Bango Payment API is the only interface you need to identify customers, authorize and capture payments, and to process full or partial refunds. Its extensible approach to identity supports multiple authentication mechanisms and allows new options to be added without the need for rewrites.

  • Secure, RESTful API
  • Consistent user experience
  • Sandboxed end-to-end testing with simulated payments
  • Use Bango Grid to activate payment providers when ready to go live
  • Use Bango Dashboard to see transaction attempts, successes, rejections, refunds, and chargebacks, and to compare performance against peers and industry benchmarks
  • Use Bango Boost actions to optimize for the quickest and biggest gains
Bango Payment API
Selling products directly? (Click-to-buy)

Reselling/bundling third-party products and services?

The Bango Resale API lets you resell or bundle products and services provided by third-party merchants, and manage access by users. It supports features such as ongoing subscriptions, one-shot time-limited activations, and provision of vouchers.

  • Secure, RESTful API
  • Sandboxed end-to-end testing with simulated merchants
  • Use Bango Dashboard to measure and optimize all active products, new service activations and cancellations
Bango Resale
Reselling/bundling third-party products and services?

Providing payment services?

If you bill and collect money from large numbers of customers, Bango considers you a payment provider. Bango uses a unique modular technology to perform a one-time integration into your payment system giving you the immediate ability to partner with leading stores and merchants, including Google Play, Xbox Store, Windows Store, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Amazon, and more. Contact Bango to get started.

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Providing payment services?

About this site

This site provides technical information for software developers who want to use the Bango Payment API and Bango Resale API in their stores. It assumes familiarity with software development practices, including using RESTful APIs over the internet.

This site assumes you're ready to integrate with the Bango Platform. It doesn't describe how to use Bango tools such as Bango Dashboard, Bango Grid, or Bango Care, or how to deal directly with third parties such as Mobile Network Operators or merchants.

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