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Product retrieval API

Details of the API for retrieving eligible products for a user

This page describes the method used to product eligible for reseller customers.

Every API request must comply with the requirements in Bango Platform / Connectivity and security. All request body parameters and responses are encoded as UTF-8 JSON objects.

Get eligible products for this reseller's customer.

Path parameters
resellerIdentifier string

A unique identifier for the reseller.

Header parameters
Authorization string

Your Bango Resale API credentials encoded for HTTP Basic Authentication. See Bango Platform / Connectivity and security / Basic authentication.

X-RequestIdentifier string

A unique identifier for the request. If present, this ID is used for Bango Platform idempotency.

X-CustomerIdentifier string

Customer unique identifier for the reseller.

Query parametersNone
Body parametersNone
Sample requests
Retrieve eligible products
Response body
responseCode string

Result of the request. Possible values: OK, BAD_REQUEST, UNAUTHORIZED, NOT_FOUND, TOO_MANY_REQUESTS, INTERNAL_ERROR, SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE. See sample responses for more information.

responseMessage string

A short human-readable message describing responseCode. Not for use by code.

eligibleProducts object2xx

The collection of json objects which contain string keys and values.

Sample responses
200OKEligible products successfully retrieved
    "responseCode": "string",
    "responseMessage": "string",
    "eligibleProducts": [
        "productIdentifier": "string",
        "productRank": 0,
        "productStatus": "string",
        "productName": "string",
        "productDescription": "string",
        "productLogoURL": "string",
        "productTermsURL": "string",
        "productPrice": "string",
        "productOfferType": "string",
        "productActivationUrl": "string"

The Bango Platform returned the requested product records.

400BAD_REQUESTInvalid API request
    "responseCode": "BAD_REQUEST",
    "responseMessage": "Invalid request."

The Bango Platform was unable to process the request. This indicates an implementation problem in your code.

401UNAUTHORIZEDIP address or access credentials are invalid
    "responseCode": "UNAUTHORIZED",
    "responseMessage": "You have not provided adequate credentials to access this resource."

The Bango Platform didn't process the request as the supplied credentials were invalid, or the request was not from an authorized IP address. This indicates an implementation problem in your code or a configuration issue. See Bango Platform / Connectivity and security / Basic authentication and Bango Platform / Connectivity and security / IP whitelisting.

404NOT_FOUNDCustomer not found
    "responseCode": "NOT_FOUND",
    "responseMessage": "Customer not found."
429TOO_MANY_REQUESTSRequest limit reached
    "responseCode": "TOO_MANY_REQUESTS",
    "responseMessage": "Request limit reached. Please try again later"

The Bango Platform didn't process the request as you've sent too many requests recently. Try again later.

500INTERNAL_ERRORUnexpected server issue
    "responseCode": "INTERNAL_ERROR",
    "responseMessage": "The server encountered an unexpected condition."

The Bango Platform couldn't respond to the request. Try again later.

502UNEXPECTED_ERRORBango Platform undergoing maintenance
    "responseCode": "UNEXPECTED_ERROR",
    "responseMessage": "An unexpected error has occurred."
503SERVICE_UNAVAILABLEBango Platform undergoing maintenance
    "responseCode": "SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE",
    "responseMessage": "The server is undergoing maintenance."

The Bango Platform is undergoing maintenance and is not currently available. Try again later.

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