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Provides the ability to run dynamic and advanced filtering on customer data


Resale Boost provides partners with the ability to run dynamic and advanced filtering on customer data. Bango Resale data is available as the default source however we strongly encourage that the partner enriches the Bango Resale data which will provide an even greater set of data to filter on.

Quick start recipes


  • 2 days old

  • 5 days old

  • 10 days old


  • 10 days old

  • Auto hourly import of Bango Resale data

  • Auto daily recipe refresh

  • Auto daily export of recipes

Post-process actions
  • Drive conversion of currently pending entitlements to active ones by engaging with customers through communications channels directly or via Bango Resale.

  • Retarget customers who decided to end their OTT bundle, add-on, or reward.

Additional options
  • Enrich customer information directly or via Bango Resale.

  • Configure your own target consumer groups on top of the quick start recipes Bango Resale provides.

Find out more

Contact our sales team via to find out more information about Resale Boost.

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